Complaint Submission


Before submitting a complaint to the North Carolina Commissioner of Banks (NCCOB), search for the entity that is regulated by NCCOB.

For complaints filed against mortgage lenders, brokers, and servicers, the property must be located in North Carolina and must be residential (we do not regulate commercial or investment properties under the NC SAFE Act).

NCCOB's complaint process facilitates communication between the consumer and the company. NCCOB cannot provide legal advice or representation.

Please do not submit another complaint if you already have an active complaint on file. If you have additional information to provide, contact the individual directly that is handling your existing file.


Your name combined with any kind of identifying information is known as personally identifying information (PII). N.C. Gen. Stat. § 114-13.20. The North Carolina Office of the Commissioner of Banks (NCCOB) does not need this information to process your complaint. Do not provide the following information to NCCOB:
  • Your social security number, driver's license number, passport number, identification card number, military ID card number, or any other number that can be used for identification purposes.
  • Copies of social security cards, driver's licenses, passports, identification cards, military ID cards, or any other card that can be used for identification purposes.
  • Copies of birth and death certificates.
Your name combined with an account number is also PII. Do not provide the following information to NCCOB, except as noted:
  • Complete account numbers (checking, savings, debit card, credit card, loans, or any other type of account number).
    • If the dispute involves a specific account, you may provide the last four digits of the account number.
  • Account statements from any regulated entity.
    • Only provide account statements if they are needed to process your complaint; see the instructions below for submitting documentation. If possible, only provide the last four digits of the account number.
When providing documentation to NCCOB to process your complaint:
  • Only provide the documentation that is relevant to your complaint.  NCCOB will contact you for more information if needed. 
  • NCCOB prefers to receive documentation related to your complaint electronically using a secure method.
    • Documentation may be uploaded to your complaint file in NCCOB Online.
    • Contact the individual processing your complaint for access to a secure website.
  • Do not email documentation to the individual processing your complaint if it contains PII; use one of the preceding secure methods or mail or fax the information.
  • You can mail documentation to the attention of the individual processing your complaint to NCCOB, 4309 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-4309. However, mailing the information will delay the processing of your complaint. Fax number: 919-733-6918.

Select the Regulated Entity

Enter the company name or the mortgage loan originator's first and last name, then click the "Search" button. Next click the "select" link next to the entity you would like to file a complaint against. If you cannot find the entity after searching, select the option for "None of the Above / Not Regulated by NCCOB".

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